Monday, June 18, 2012

EDUC 422 Article Response VI "Unlock literacy with ipads"

Harmon, J. (2012). Unlock literacy with ipads. Learning and Leading. 30(7), 30-31. Retrieved on

This was an interesting article from a teacher who has introduced an ipad to her high school classroom. She was given 24 ipads as part of a study in 2010 to see how it affected her student’s educational experience. She has a lot of students that read two levels below their grade level. The students are engaged with the Ipads and actually improved their reading skills. She went through a trial and error finding the most valuable apps for the ipad that were educational. She lists a lot of valuable apps that help us future teachers who may use ipads in our classroom. These apps include “ibooks”, “words with friends”, and “wordflick”.

This is a very valuable article because I am very interested in using technology like ipads and other web2.0 devices in my classroom. I like how I can refer to this article and look at apps that are valuable in the classroom. Just how simple the ipad is to use makes it very easy for students to use as an educational tool. I like how in her study she was able to see improvement in her student’s skills in reading and become more and more successful. I like how students like the ipad more than computers because they are portable and don’t take as long to start up.

I feel this article fulfills ISTE NETS Standard 3 in that they apply digital tools to gather, evaluate information. Ipads are so applicable and easy to use, students can use and take them anywhere and explore a lot of media. There are countless numbers of apps that can pinpoint and enhance students’ knowledge in any subject area.

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  1. Matt, I definitely like the use of iPads in the classroom and will use them when I become a teacher. I also think it is better for teachers to have a handful of iPads for the classroom instead of iPads for each student. I think there are more benefits in having a handful of iPads for the class because there can be more group work and students are less likely to play games. I also think there are a ton of educational apps out there for iPads that will be very beneficial for all different subjects for students to learn.