Tuesday, June 5, 2012

EDUC 422 Article II iPod Implementation in the Elementary Grades

Hinshaw-Hatten, S. (2012 May).  iPod Implementation in the Elementary Grades. Learning and Leading Technology. 30-31

The article “iPod Implementation in the Elementary Grades” in the May 2012 issue of Learning and Leading Technology was very informative in the breakthroughs of technology used in the classroom. Stephanie Hinshaw-Hatten has incorporated iPods as teaching tools in her elementary school. In this article she lays out in a very organized fashion how iPods have been influential in her classrooms. She reminds people trying to incorporate these technologies in the classroom to take it slow with the students because they may not know how to use the technology. Also teachers need to ensure that the iPods are in a safe place so that they don’t get stolen by students (though very rare). The iPods were used by the students to read and listen to books that they are using in their course. The teachers are encouraged to let their students check out the devices for future uses. The iPods have improved the students learning situation.

 As a future teacher I feel that this technology would not be very valuable in my classroom. I plan on teaching high school and giving the students iPods to enhance their education will not work. It would distract them and they would not pay attention in my classroom. I think it is a valuable tool for teachers interested in teaching younger kids.

This definitely falls under ISTE NETS for Teachers Standard 2 “Design and Develop Digital Age Learning Experiences and Assessments Teachers design, develop, and evaluate authentic learning experiences and assessment incorporating contemporary tools and resources to maximize content learning in context and to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes identified in the NETS·S. I feel that this NET best describes the technology being used in this article.

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  1. When one introduces a technology tool into a classroom, he or she will find both advantages and limitations. iPods can assist student learning, as the article shows, but it can also distract students if you allow them to listen to their music or play games. Some teachers are able to use iPods for meaningful learning though.

    Perhaps you can choose an article on technology use in high schools?