Friday, August 31, 2012

Social Injustice in the Classroom

My picture of social injustice is that in my host classroom it has become very hard to provide computers to students who need access to them. The computer lab in the Library is pehnomenal as a resource but I feel we can provide even more assistance to all students if we provide computers in the classroom. Computers that are up-to-date and work. Teachers are trying very hard to provide these in the classroom and I hope that we can find the money or donations to provide better quality computers to our students. I know the Schools and School Districts are trying very hard to provide these but money is definitely tight.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Name

Having the popular name Matthew has made it a necessity to have a nickname to differentiate from other Matthews in the world. One particular nickname that I am fond of is Matty. My entire family calls me Matty, especially my mother. So I have become very fond of it and am used to answering to it. Often my friends who have been around my house have also called me Matty. Whenever I played baseball it was easy for teammates to call me Matty when cheering me on. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

About Myself

My name is Matthew Rowland and I am a recent graduate of Fresno State University. I have lived in Vista/North County my whole entire life. While at Fresno State I have become familiar with a lot of technology in the classroom. I am quick with picking up emerging technologies. I have never used a Mac before and was able to understand how it worked and work on it in class. I never have any technology anxiety. I can work through it.
At Fresno State I was able to observe a High School AP Government class. I saw how technology was used in the classroom. My host teacher used a lot of power points and various websites that enhanced the students understanding of the course work. I am entering the credential program this fall.
I hope to use the techniques that we learn in this class and incorporate them in my future class. I would like to use the blog concept and put it in my classroom. I also like to learn different technologies that will enhance my future students knowledge of history.