Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Quickwrite on Critical Review of Online Sources

We went over various concepts that will help teachers provide credible online sources for students in their classroom. It is often known that most students just search anything they want on the internet and take it as a credible source. This is not the case. In this discussion we went over various safeguards that will ensure credible sources for students doing research projects. One method is using the advanced search on the Google search bar. This allows the students to find websites that are valuable and credible. Students just need to be aware that some domains such as .com websites are not as credible as .gov or .org websites. Students need to be aware that some sites may be opinion based and need to lean toward sites that are research based. Often different university library websites have peer reviewed work that is valuable to students. Also you can look at the sources and publishing agencies and see if they make the website credible.

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