Friday, September 7, 2012

My Survey on My Students Reading Habits

I have spent some time in my second period class giving them a survey seeing what their various reading habits are. I found some great information about my kids!

I have below a sample of my survey that I administered in my class:

What are Your Reading Habits?

1.       What do you read?

a. Newspaper

b. Books

c. Magazines

d. Comics

e. Webpages

f. Facebook

g. Other

2.       Do you like to read?

a.       Yes

b.       No

3.       Did you read over the summer?

a.       Yes

b.       No

4.       If yes, how often did you read?

a.       1-3 hr

b.       3-5 hr

c.        5-10 hr

5.       Which would you rather read?

a.       Harry Potter

b.       Hunger Games

c.        Twilight

d.       ESPN Magazine

6.       Do you agree that reading is important?

a.       Yes

b.       No

7.       What was the last book you read? (write the title down)


8.       If you had a choice of reading or watching TV, which would you rather do?

a.       Read

b.       Watch TV

9.       Which category interest you?

a.       Sports

b.       Love story

c.        Fiction

d.       Historical

10.    Do you think you will increase your amount of reading by the end of the year?

a.       Yes

b.       No
I found a lot of great information about what my kids liked and made some great pie charts but could not find a way to put it on my blog. So I will bring those into class as a hard copy. I was able to find out statistical data on my kids and how they answered.
What do you Read?
Books: 44%
Magazines: 11%
Other: 45%
Do you like to Read?
Yes: 55%
No: 45a%
Did you Read over the Summer?
Yes: 41%
No: 59%
If yes, How often?
1-2 hrs: 82%
2-5hrs: 18%
Which Would you Rather Read?
Hunger Games: 38%
Twilight: 25%
ESPN Magazine: 38%
Do you Agree That Reading is Important?
Yes: 100%
No: 0%
If you Had a Choice of Reading or Watching TV, Which Would you Rather Do?
Read: 22%
Watch TV:78%
Which Category Interests you?
Sports: 16%
Love Story:36%
Fiction: 32%
Historical: 16%
Do you Think you Will Increase Your Amount of Reading by the End of the Year?
Yes: 89%
No: 11%
As I reflect on my students, I think that it is sad that I assumed that these kids would be worse then they were. I have learned that you can never judge kids on limited factors because really they are trying to understand and do well in school. I really appreciated how many kids like to read because I feel that that is the only way to get better academically and for many of them understand English faster. These kids are on the right track! 

I have posted a link to my results on Google Docs




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  1. You are wise to recognize the tribulations associated with prior judgement. We are all guilty to some degree. The more open we can keep our minds, the better off we and our students are.