Monday, August 27, 2012

About Myself

My name is Matthew Rowland and I am a recent graduate of Fresno State University. I have lived in Vista/North County my whole entire life. While at Fresno State I have become familiar with a lot of technology in the classroom. I am quick with picking up emerging technologies. I have never used a Mac before and was able to understand how it worked and work on it in class. I never have any technology anxiety. I can work through it.
At Fresno State I was able to observe a High School AP Government class. I saw how technology was used in the classroom. My host teacher used a lot of power points and various websites that enhanced the students understanding of the course work. I am entering the credential program this fall.
I hope to use the techniques that we learn in this class and incorporate them in my future class. I would like to use the blog concept and put it in my classroom. I also like to learn different technologies that will enhance my future students knowledge of history.

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