Monday, July 2, 2012

Technology of Choice: 30 Boxes

Practical Applications of “30 Boxes” in the classroom
            30 boxes is an online calendar program that allows you to keep your work and social life organized all on the same calendar.  30 Boxes gives you the ability to add friends and set certain events to private so that you can keep more personal events to yourself.  When you add friends and put them into groups, those people will then be able to see all of the events related to that group.  For example, your 4th period English class will be able to see all events and assignments for their specific class, however they will not be able to see the schedule for your 5th period English class.   30 Boxes gives you the ability to put everything from the first day of school to drinks with friends all in one place.
As it is shown this tool is very valuable for teachers in the new technological age we live in. Even though 30 boxes really is not a tool that will enhance a student’s knowledge in the classroom it is more to help keep them organized and up to date on assignments and tests. It is very easy for both teachers and students to operate. It is free and you just need to make a login, which requires an email and password. You just click on the boxes and input various events and can specifically put due dates or times for events. Example: you can post when a reading assignment need to be completed or you can post when people are giving their oral presentations.
            There is so much that teachers can do with this program that can benefit them in the classroom. We are interested in maybe coaching in High School. With this source you can post practices, games, and events to help out your players and coaches.
            Having the use of 30 Boxes allows teachers to be constantly connected to students and their parents. The ability for everyone to be informed is paramount. Instead of worry about if an assignment is due, or when a test is, or what lesson plan is next the accessibility of 30 Boxes allows for there to be no issues or surprises to all these individuals. As a student the fact that I can always be prepared and know what is coming up and what is due is an awesome tool. As a teacher, being able to connect and also send out updates with 30 Boxes is very helpful. For parents, the idea that they can monitor and also see what their children should be working on or working towards is very important and very helpful.

By Matt, Rob, and Ryan


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