Monday, October 15, 2012

EDSS 521 Lesson Planning Blog Post #2

I feel that my in my overall lesson designing that I try to incorporate the knowledge of the students brain. I try to make my lesson memorable and also refrain from doing the same activities over and over again. It is pivotal to avoid getting in a rut because you often lose the interest of your teenage kids.

I have learned a lot of about using proper memory lanes in my class. I try new interactive activities and incorporate music in to my lesson designs. This really keeps the students interested in the content and makes the class more memorable. If they get to see visual art of the baroque period and listen to music from Mozart, the kids are going to have a easier time remembering the baroque period because they have visual and auditory memory of the content. Also my CT does a very good job of relating the curriculum to his students lives. This use of emotional memory really speaks to the students. If there is one thing I could work on, it is to relate the content that we are learning to my students lives. Why is important to learn this? So what? I need to keep these questions in mind.

I think changing up the activities from a traditional lecture and giving them more interactive activities will really keep my students engaged. I will try to make my lesson more interactive. We have some interesting activities that we are doing during this unit! We are going to listen to a lot of music!

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